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Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

1. Galway Men's Support Group aims to help men improve their physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing through:

* sharing and exploring experiences and issues around health, illness, family, suicide, healing, alternative/orthodox medicine, psychotherapy, health practitioners, aging, isolation, social connectedness, spirituality etc.
* getting to know and experience different methods and philosophies of healing, treatment and prevention
* liase with appropriate bodies such as the Western Health Board to try to ensure that the health needs of men are met sensitively and appropriately

2. Galway Men's Support Group aims to facilitate better communication among men through:

* using formats which enable and encourage men to share
* working with various forms of expression
* having different events such as workshops, talks, presentations, residential retreats etc.

3. Galway Men's Support Group aims to educate and initiate men into responsible adulthood through:

* drawing on the life experiences and creative resources of the individual members of the group together with the assistance of leaders/facilitators on occasion
* taking up whatever themes and methods seem relevant such as: father and fathering, conflict and aggression
* exploring and healing our wounds especially those of childhood
* art in it's various forms (poetry, painting, sculpting, music, movement, dance etc.)
* ritual, storytelling, myth, fairytale, saga
* meditation
* mentoring
* facilitating empowerment, self-esteem, assertiveness
* exploring and encouraging community participation, active citizenship, racial tolerance

4. Galway Men's Support Group aims to increase awareness of gender issues through:

* facing problems in relation to women such as dependency, violence, fear, misogyny etc
* exploring and healing issues around sexuality
* exploring issues of gender equality/inequality
* linking with women's groups and promoting joint ventures

5. Galway Men's Support Group aims to provide a space for men which is distinctive and accomodating of diverse experiences and perspectives through:

* organizing venues for regular meetings
* welcoming and encouraging men from diverse backgrounds to meet in openness, respect and confidentiality